About Jon Lumer



Jon was the top-ranked Realtor for Vancouver on Rate-My-Agent.com, a third-party review verification site, for 2022. This was the second time Jon has ranked 1st among his colleagues on the site. Jon is proud of these results but even more proud of the results obtained by his clients, whether they were on the buying or selling side.

Jon is a former criminal defence attorney who transitioned into real estate hoping to find a career that would allow him to develop more lasting and meaningful relationships with his clients and the people he works with. He knows he made the right decision but still enjoys contemplating and discussing the more legalistic aspects of real estate transactions.

Besides his law degree, Jon also has a degree in Political Science, has traveled widely in Central America and Southeast Asia, and speaks French fluently and Spanish passably.

As a supporters of the Effective Altruism movement, Jon and his family aim to donate at least 10% of their income (including corporate income) to the world's most effective charities via their real estate brokerage, Western Pine Realty. They rely on charity evaluators GiveWell and Life You Can Save to determine which global charities are the most effective in any given year.

Jon and his family live in the Fairview neighbourhood of Vancouver.

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